Metal Temple Review


Amanda Rulton

AENEMICA formed in 2012 and are a Progressive Rock band that has many different styles and influences. With each band member previously playing for other German bands, they all have experience in the industry and although AENEMICA are an independent band and have yet to be signed their new album is something to be excited about. Upon hearing about this band I wasn’t excited, after all there are many new Progressive Rock bands floating about, however after listening to „Empty Inside“ they have my full attention.

The album was released on August 24th 2014, and was recorded at silent scream studios. If you are looking for a band that is easy on the ears I highly suggest you purchase this album, you can really feel the emotion behind the music in every one of their songs. The end of the album is especially pleasing to the ears, with a song entitled „Beautiful Lie“.

„Beautiful Lie“ is split in to two; you can clearly hear the different sounds and effects the band has intentionally used in conjunction with the lead vocals. Part one of the songs has a completely different feel to it and is completely unlike any other on the album but is just as emotive.

As a relatively new band I feel they have shown just a small aspect of what they are able to do and I feel albums that come after this will have a lot to live up to. The cover art is very interesting and different just like the band, but many people could perceive it as being a bit cluttered. The art on the cover seems to ‘never’ end as it shows it going beyond what you can see, I feel this is a good metaphor for the band as I don’t think they’ve reached their full potential with this album which shows there is room for something bigger in the future.

Has Potential 7/10