Aenemica – Secret Lines Teaser

First teaser for the 2th Album „Secret Lines“
[ „…an album with all the emotions that takes the listener into the depths and shows him the dark sides of life…“]


„Just A Few Lines“ taken from our upcoming Album “Secret Lines”.
Release Date: September 04th 2020.
Check out our new single ‘Just A Few Lines’ on @Spotify

Wispa Open Air Festival 2017

Thank you all for your continued support!!!

Thx again for a great night

A great thanks to all of you for rockin´ the Werkhof with us last night…we are completely overwhelmed!!!
Keep on rockin`!!!

All Around Metal Italy Review

Thank you very much All Around Metal Italy for this amazing Review.
Check it out here: REVIEW

Aenemica has announced they will go on Tour!!!

„We are so relieved to finally tell you that we coming on tour and we can’t wait to see you all there. So see you all very, very soon.“

STRIKE! The Magazine – Interview

Aenemica Drummer John Sternberg about music, the buisness, arrogant smartasses and the underground.
Check it out here: INTERVIEW

Streetclip.TV Review

For our German viewers. Review
Check it out here: REVIEW Review

„Can you Djent cross with Fates Warning?“
Check it out here: REVIEW

Prog im Pott Radio Show

Hey guys,
today, february 2nd, we’re on air again at about 9pm.
You can listen to ‚ Prog im Pott ‚ via Radio Oberhausen (UKW 106.2 MHz; Kabel 99.9 MHz), via Radio Mülheim (UKW 92.9 MHz; Kabel 102.65 MHz) or, of course, via live stream on their homepages.
Check it out here: PROG IM POTT or LIVE STREAM

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