And Justice for Art Interview


Ramon Martos Garcia from “And Justice for Art” talking with Björn Goosses ( about the genesis of Aenemica´s Cover Artwork and the idea behind.


Here’s the cover for „Empty Inside.“ This is the new EP by German Prog/Alternative quintet, AENEMICA. The cover was created by design studio, Killustrations, using a mix of photography and digital techniques. .

„When AENEMICA’s drummer, John Sternberg, contacted me, we first were brainstorming about what kind of artwork would match the best the vibe of the record,“ comments the German designer.

„The key subjects of this EP are those familiar human tragedies such as loss, grief, separation, pain and isolation, while the majority of the lyrics are about stranded relationships, which finally shelter all of these feelings and conditions. So I finally came up with a rather obvious interpretation that would still offer some kind of visual twist.“

The designer explains that the artwork’s (the lonely girl) is „suffering from a severe emptiness inside, especially since her heart has literally been ripped from her chest. While a bit of blood is fine, we still wanted to keep a certain level of subtlety and mystery, that’s why she’s holding a bloody gift box. Now it’s up to the spectator to judge if that box holds her very own heart or other treasures.“

„But one thing is for sure: if you desperately try to hold on to what’s been violently separated from you, it might result in an incubus breathing down your neck. That’s why I came up with the arrangement of alligator skulls around the girl’s shoulders as some kind of icing on the cake. So finally. this artwork sums up a very human dilemma – and hopefully depicts the feeling AENEMICA’s music evokes.“

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