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AENEMICA – Empty Inside / Phonector, 2014 / EP CD / melodic alternative and progressive rock / Germany

The German band Aenemica was founded in October 2012. Before forming this band, all band members already played in several various bands. Due to the reach and various musical experiences, they decided to join in order to create a more flexible, tuneful and interesting style of music. Therefore, there are a wide-ranging influences of musical styles and sounds in their music. Soulful vocals and lyrics, should consciously arouse feelings in the listener. Album, “Empty Inside” is their first release.

Aenemica band members are – Daniel Stendera – lead vocals ; David Vemmer – rhytm guitar ; Fabio Alessio – lead guitar ; Dima Friesen – bass guitar ; John Sternberg – drums.

Feelings such as fear, pain, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, mental emptiness … are the main backbone of the texts of the songs on the album, and appropriate is the name of album, “Empty Inside”, too. Adequate to these feelings is the music on the album – strictly in the service of the lyrics. The members of the German band Aenemica, successfully cope with these not-so-easy task – faithfully to transfer their feelings. It is possible thanks to its rich former music-playing experiences.

Because of its gloomy atmosphere, the album is hard to be listened to. If you are looking for entertainment in music, bypass this album. If you are looking a bit more from the music – emotions, excellent interpretations, dedications – you are definitely in a good place.